Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boys and Buckets

Need I say more?

Go Yankees!

We had a great long weekend last week with Dramma P., Courtney and Miss Lainey here in vegas, Jeff and his dad went to NY to see the Yankees play. Unfortunately we used Dramma's camera all weekend, so this is all I have! Jeff bought the boys uniforms, a few sizes too big so they would last....including hats. Yes, the pants on Bean are supposed to be shorts! He was so excited that Jeff was home he just smiled like crazy, and I actually think he shook a little in excitement for the uniform! As my mom said, 'These boys don't have a chance'. I guess we are born and raised Yankee fans!
Jeff is giving thumbs up, but Bean is doing, 'Tu Bueno". You point at the person, then give thumbs up, but you do it really fast and say, ' tu beuno, tu bueno'.... its very funny....Oh it means, "you good"..... You should see Jeff and Marcus do it!

Wake Up Zachie

So this is how I find Zach each morning.... He has started sleeping on his tummy. When I put him in bed he rolls onto his side, and by morning this is how he sleeps. He also always wakes up happy! What a great baby!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

New Phone Number

Hi All, I have decided that I am living in Vegas for a while so I finally got a local phone number! (after a year and a half!) If you would like it, try posting your email or call my home or mom.....
love you all, Melinda

Monday, September 8, 2008


You'd never believe it without the picture....

Yesterday Jeff had a fudgecicle in the car, took out his key and tossed it into the cup holder, and came in the house.... after changing his clothes we walked out to leave and cold not find his key anywhere!!! It is the only key so you can imagine Jeff at his ultimate stress level looking for his key...Thank heaven for the power of prayer, in the middle of the night Jeff awoke thinking that the wooden stick seemed to be too heavy in the bag...This morning he found it in the outside garbage in its side, and there was the key! So when he meant to leave it in the console he missed and made it into the small opening of the bag, Crazy!

So I guess when we think something is lost forever that is a very real possibility!

Random Pictures

Bean got a big boy bike....he tries to trick me into letting him ride without his helmet!
Zachie is so big that he fits in his stroller now without his carseat, he loves it!
Cousins in twim suits (get it, swim and twin mixed?!)

Brady got into my pump, twisted the lids on, plugged it all in and started pumping hisbelly! He usually tells me he can't do it because his boobies are too little!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

SLC and Shingles

Let me start with a huge SORRY for all of you I would have LOVED to see over Labor Day weekend. Jeff and I packed up and drove to Herriman, arriving Friday night, the same night that I woke at 1 a.m. to a terriable burning in my hand. Keeping this short, I have shingles! I laid in bed almost all weekend, took percocet, and slept. I am feeling much better now, just a lot sad that I missed all of you!

It was better that we were there, Jeff kept Beaners at Colby's house (cousin & Grandma's) all weekend, and me and Zachie bummed around at my mom's. I told Jeff we'd go home and have a vacation where we could see eachother! Oh Well!

I did get to see beaners play a cotton ball game and eat corn on the cob.